April is Finished

Then when we went shopping before Cree departed again, Matthew was so tired my belly became his pillow.

As of today, the newest Dalene is due in one month. We are planning a C-section on June 3rd. She is a very active child, so we will see if things go according to plan.

Matthew still loves all things electronics. We put a kids mode on the children’s tablets and I am pretty sure that Matthew has figured out how to get around it. He loves taking pictures with my phone.
Liz is headed out the door to school for picture day. The pictures turned out pretty cute, but I’d rather take my own, so I decided not get them.
Matthew has fun stacking things. He is not that into coloring, but he does like to stand the crayons upright.
Matthew is getting so big. He loves to help out with chores. He will help put away his clothes, gather up laundry, clean a mirror, and empty the dishwasher. In this picture he is putting his bowl from breakfast in the sink.
One morning after breakfast, I saw this big guy outside my dining window. He(or she) was enjoying a meal of squirrel. Liz was not too happy about that. She felt that was mean and decided she would not like the bird for eating squirrel. No amount of explaining how nature works convinced her otherwise.
Cree has spent some time on a ship enjoying the ocean view when he can.
He did get to come home for a bit and for one of my appointments, Matthew joined him at work. Here is Matthew waiting for me to pick him up.
Mother’s Day went well even without Cree. We did our usual day. Matthew was playing with cars on the kitchen floor while I made my breakfast.
Liz is in the process of picking up her room. She is a very beautiful girl. She was a great help to me in working with Matthew later in the day when I needed to sit down and stay down for a little while.

This blog won’t allow me to add some cute video of Matthew singing. He loves to sing and does it all the time.

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