Welcome to my memoirs. These anecdotal tidbits offer a little insight into my life lessons. I write these particular stories for me to understand why I am. By writing down the memories that shaped me, maybe I can someday make sense of it all.


If you were looking for a little bit of insight into me, and my life, welcome. I wouldn’t expect much more than an honest look at some of my memories.

Some of these posts include deep and detailed adventures alone, or with my family. Others, contain little more than an emotional blurb about something meaningful to me. The one common thread is that I share my posts with unabashed honesty; both historically, and intellectually. I’ve been at it my entire life, so…

I began writing in 2002 when, my English teacher encouraged me to enter a short story contest. My story did well. The focus of my writing switched when I heard a US Army commercial ask, “if someone wrote a story about your life, would anyone read it?” I don’t know, but I’m writing anyway.

Academia Juarez

Cree Dalene

I eased into this world in Bountiful, Utah on April 12th in 1986. A wonderful couple adopted me, and I spent a couple of years in Vernal, Utah. Then, my adopted mother died, and my father remarried another wonderful woman. My parents moved to Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. There, my dad learned how to manage a ranch, while my mom taught English and Performing Arts at the local high School (Academia Juarez).

While there, I attended Colonia Juarez Elementary, and Academia Juarez. Both were private schools that my parents worked extremely hard to keep me in. Outside of school, I learned a lot about camping, hiking, horsemanship, and woodworking. My parents enrolled me in Cub Scouts, then in Boy Scouts through am international charter. During school breaks, I worked as a Cowboy for my dad, and occasionally other local ranch owners.

Once I graduated from high school, I moved away to college, where I met my Crystal. We dated for a couple of years, and split up while she finished college, and served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I went off, got married to Sara, had a daughter, joined the Marines, and divorced Sara in the meantime. After the divorce, Lizzie and I got with Crystal, and we started our forever family.

Now our family is a little bigger, and we’ve moved around the States a little more. I’m still in the Marines, and we’re still figuring some things out, together.


Well, if you’re still interested, here’re my latest additions:

Cree Dalene 4 March 2020