A Pretty Rose

He saw her standing on the sidewalk, somewhat watching everyone else around her, though not seeming like a part any group. With a subtle smirk, Cree made sure she stood near enough to a rose bush and walked up to introduce himself. With an off handed compliment, he reached down and snipped a rose with his thumb and forefinger. After carefully snapping the thorns away Cree presented it to her. The gesture bringing a smile to her lips, and leaving him feeling warm and fuzzy.

A day or two later, Cree saw her through the bookshelves in the library. His roommates were all trying to show how well they could pick up girls with their newly acquired “game.” So he looked at the situation, saw the section she seemed interested in, and made his approach.

“Hi there, Crystal, right?” Cree said, not really giving her a chance to answer, “I hope you can help me. I’m looking for this book…”

Dragon Society by Lawrence Watt-Evans

Crystal gladly helped him find The Dragon Society. Then, went right back to looking through the Anne McCaffrey books she’d originally been browsing. She’d only spent a few minutes reading the last page of a couple of books, when the thin boy came back.

“Anne McCaffrey? I tried reading her books once… what do you think about them?”

Crystal closed the book and began to put it back, and he continued talking to her. He seemed cute enough, so she kept talking with him…

After a few minutes, Cree suggested they go for a walk. Crystal recommended walking along the railroad tracks, something she enjoyed. The two spent the entire night talking about anything and everything that came to mind. When the sun began to come over the horizon they simultaneously realized the needed to go to class.

As they both rushed toward their respective apartments, it dawned on them that they were next door neighbors. Within weeks, they were courting. Despite everyone’s pleads and lectures to the contrary, they seemed completely inseparable.

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