Competition Night

“I’m okay,” Cree said, adding, “I’m kind of a beginner.”

“That’s a lie,” Teresa said as she walked by. “Cree’s a Marine.”

Liz giggled a little as she walked into the conversation. Cree quickly pointed out that Liz was a sailor. The two of them agreed to share a lane for the competition. Cree loaded all five magazines, while Liz took her first ten shots. Then they alternated until they’d each taken five turns putting holes in their targets.

As they added up their scores, Liz told Cree that he’d probably won. They joked back and forth until this tiny newcomer stepped off the range and began adding her scores. Maybe multiplying would have been a better term, as she’d scored nearly perfect.

“I think she won.”

Liz just nodded, knowing that she’d now dropped into third place.

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