Happy Halloween 2018

Officer F* walked into the office with a silly grin on his face.

“There’s going to be an organization run on the 31st.” The announcement brought a chorus of half hearted “cool” from four of the five techs. “You’re allowed to wear costumes, but nothing inappropriate!” The officer continued.

Cree paused what he was doing to stare straight at the officer with the biggest grin, never saying a word.

“No sexy nurses or stuff like that!” the officer continued, looking straight at Cree.

“That settles it, I’m gonna be a sexy nurse then,” Cree said, still grinning.

Cree Dalene as Nurse Sexy

Word traveled fast. So fast, that another officer actually pulled Cree aside.

“Look, I can’t tell you how to dress, or what to wear,” he paused a moment as if trying to measure his words. “Please don’t embarrass yo… your officer. F* doesn’t seem worried… just don’t do something stupid.”

The day finally arrived, and Cree proudly wore his nurse sexy costume to the run. His officer grinned as they greeted one another.

As the other officer noticed the costume, he blushed and quietly moved to the back of the formation run. Apparently the Executive Officer had dressed to match!

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