Happy Valentine’s Day 2020

“Did you get a reservation?”

“Nope, sure didn’t, this should be fun,” Cree said, looking at the already cram packed entryway.


“I’m sorry,” Cree said, “we don’t have a reservation.”

“No problem,” the unphased hostess said kindly, “what name is it under?”

“Cree,” Crystal stated firmly.

The hostess took their phone number as well, and then moved onto the next lucky couple.

“Isn’t this exciting,” Cree whispered as he and Crystal were pressed tightly against each other, right next to the door. He knew the answer without her saying a word. Crystal hated crowds, and she clung to him tightly until the doorway cleared a little. “Let’s grab that chair.”

Cree sat Crystal down, and the protectively moved in front of her, and they read a story until another couple was called back. Then, a kind older gentleman squeezed next to his wife and offered Cree a place to sit. As he sat down, the man leaned over and asked a question.

“Are you from Garrisonville?”

“Yes Sir,” Cree said, slightly surprised.

“Oh, we’re in your ward, I thought I recognized you.”

“Whoa, that’s awesome. We’ve been there just over six months, and we’re still meeting new people.”

After a brief round of introductions, their new friends were called to a table. Not five minutes later, Cree’s name was called, and he expertly escorted Crystal to their table, right next to their new friends.

“Imagine that,” Cree said slightly louder than needed. The older couple smiled and greeted them warmly.

Cree and Crystal focused on one another the rest of the night, but it was amusing to know that no matter where they went, there would always be someone who knew them.

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