Temple Wedding Day

Cree felt wave after wave of nausea/joy/fear/excitement/something. He’d certainly felt adrenaline before, but this felt stronger. Steeling his nerves, Cree finished adjusting his necktie and straightened the tuxedo jacket. Pausing only a moment to admire the ensemble, he stepped outside.

The drive to the temple seemed to take less time than usual. Then, as Cree began walking towards the front door, his legs felt suddenly heavy.

Once inside, the greeter gave him a knowing smile and a familiar greeting.

“Good Morning, and welcome to the Temple.”

A small gasp escaped Cree’s lips as he saw Crystal walking towards him in her beautiful wedding dress. From the elegant lace neckline, to the beautifully beaded bodice, along the flowing layers of her train Cree admired every inch of his bride.

Crystal bustled her train and together they moved to exit the front door. As Cree reached over Crystal to open the door, she moved to exit and a sickening rip caused them both to freeze. Hearing the rip Crystal glanced back at Cree. Realizing the dress was not destroyed she laughed at his stricken face.

With all the dignity of a high class lady, Crystal took her train in hand, and continued out the door as though nothing had happened. Cree quickly assessed the damage from behind and realized with some relief that only a single button had come loose.

Their smiles were a little extra wide for those pictures.

Lessons Learned

Things Done Well

  • Made it to the wedding on time
  • Kept on moving forward despite a minor setback

Things To Fix

  • Always be aware of your surroundings
  • Open the door for someone by going first and holding it open

Count Your Blessings

  1. Married to Crystal Darlene Dalene for time and all eternity
  2. Sealed to Elizabeth Rae

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