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Texas Snowstorm

Right after Christmas we loaded up the car and took off on our journey across the country. We planned to take the southern route to avoid the weather. What we didn’t know was that the weather was determined to find us. As beautiful and cold Arizona had been, the rest of the country was going crazy and we drove straight into it.

To begin, after our first stop in southern New Mexico, I convinced Cree to trade places and let me drive a little while. He agreed but he was nervous. Before we traded, the weather had been snow that didn’t stick, turning to rain. I think he felt he could handle me driving in the rain, but just after we got on the road, it started to be snow that stuck, coating the ground white.

The good part is that the road wasn’t slippery, or at least we didn’t slip. Poor Cree was really nervous with me driving, but the Lord was with us and we were fine. What was even funnier is that as soon as we crossed the border to Texas the snow was immediately rain. It was like the border held a curtain that on one side was snow and the other rain.

The children were oblivious to the weather as they concentrated on their new tablets. We tried to encourage them to look at the snow, but their toys were more fascinating then the weather.

Texas was worse and I was glad Cree was driving. We ran into snow and ice covering the road. For quite some time we were traveling on the highway at maybe 25mph. Angels were watching over us as we safely made it to our hotel, a few hours later then planned.

In the morning we started off early, right into some heavy rain. By lunch we were ahead of the rain. Later I heard about the tornado around Dallas where we just had been. We were blessed to beat the weather without much more then some ice and snow.  That day we drove through the night, alternating drivers so that we could make it in time for Cree to complete the work stuff he needed to do.

We had some really good children. I know it was hard for them to be in the car for almost two days, but they were wonderful. They didn’t fight or complain much. Overall they were both wonderful.

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