My Little Boutique

“What could possibly make money?” Cree asked out loud as he browsed through the dozens of entrepreneur ideas before him. Then, one caught his eye.

Immediately, Cree began typing furiously to dump all of the ideas suddenly swirling in his head onto the computer screen. He knew that if he allowed it to stew for more than a few minutes, it would disappear. When the keyboard seemed ready to break from the constant clacking of Cree’s fingertips, he stopped. As Cree read through his now very full page of notes and ideas, he dragged the text around to organize them into groups.

Next, he began scouring Google for anyone who might already be in the business. Then, he narrowed down the business models that felt most similar to his idea. For the next several hours, Cree poured over their sites, policies, terms of service, shipping options, and anything else. By around nine o’clock he had a second document full of links, ideas, and marketing schemes.

Finally, Cree typed in the domain name that occurred to him over the course of his search.

“Domain Available”

Cree took a deep breath and clicked…

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