Awards and Fun

First the sad news; Cree has left for his training. He may not be able to respond to any calls he receives, I don’t even know how often we will get to talk.

Next, Elizabeth has been doing really well at her new school. Her teachers seem to enjoy working with her and keep me up to date. Today, Elizabeth had an awards program, where she received a certificate for meeting the school quarter reading points. The amazing part is that she met those points in only two weeks. She was so excited to get an award.

Matthew is up to his usual self. He still loves to dance and go on walks. Today at lunch he asked if we were going to say the prayer, I said yes, then asked him if he wanted to say it, he said yes, then proceeded to give a very credible prayer. I was quite surprised. I usually ask him if he wants to say the lunch prayer and he usually stays silent. He must be listening though, because he said the prayer today. In the video, he was saying stop and go for our walk, but then he noticed I had the phone out.

The house is slowly coming together as I put up a few pictures today. I’m hoping to be all done by the end of February. In one week I have my anatomy ultrasound of the baby and as soon as I have any news I will post it. 🙂

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