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Last Friday, Elizabeth received some popcorn from school. Sweetheart that she is, Elizabeth saved the popcorn to share with her family. She knows Matthew loves popcorn. After school, I put on a movie for them to watch. Liz tried to save popcorn for Dad and I, but I told her that it was okay for her and Matthew to finish the popcorn themselves. She is so nice, especially to her little brother.

Saturday, we did the second treatment on the lice and it seems to have worked, but we will be diligent for a little while longer.

Cree wanted to film Liz building a fire, to show (for our business) that even children can be prepared in survival techniques, so we went to a nearby area that had picnic and camping areas. The camping areas were closed so we chose to build the fire on a barbecue in the picnic area. Liz struggled building the fire. I tried to build a fire, but gave up. Then Cree attempted to build a fire. It took him almost 20 minutes to get one going. I have the fire building struggle on camera. Honestly it wasn’t really his fault that it took awhile to build a fire. The wood was all wet. Cree persisted, where I stopped. The wood was wet enough that the fire wasn’t spreading, but it was sure smoking.

On the way home, we heard the high pitch of frogs. Cree pointed them out to Liz and while explaining that the sound was frogs, Matthew starts going “Ribbit, Ribbit”.  Not sure where he picked that up, but it was right on cue.

Last Thursday, I had to take a 1 hour glucose test for gestational diabetes. I failed. So on Tuesday, I took a 3 hour glucose test and failed again. I have been officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Not fun, but I’m sure everything will be okay.

Sunday, Matthew broke his little red car, so Cree decided to try and fix it. Matthew sat and watched him the whole time.

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