Just for Fun

Things have gone along normally for us here the past few weeks. 

Matthew has enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather. We have gone to the park several times and as it is now starting to warm up, we will probably spend more time outside, after toilet training. In the first picture, Liz taught Matthew to stomp on pine cones, so he had some fun trying to smash them even though they kept escaping him.

I told Elizabeth about her twin cousins being born. Excited she decided to pretend to have a baby, dressing up a doll. A little while she comes to me and exclaims “I discovered I have two babies.” Her and Matthew had fun pushing around her stroller with the two dolls inside.

Matthew still adores music. Whenever he sees the piano he insists on a piano lesson. This consists of him pointing to a song and then clapping and saying “1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4”. He had so much fun when Daddy took the time to give him his lesson.

Matthew gets a backpack to carry around with his extra clothes as time does not stop even while we toilet train him. Sorry the picture of him facing me is blurry, he saw the phone and as usual, wanted to take a picture too.

Liz is doing well in school. We are working on learning her multiplication tables.

Cree is continuing his workup to deployment and we are trying to plan having the baby, baby blessing, and all that stuff around a break that he might be able to home.

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