Spring is here (I think)

I’m not used to an actual spring. For most of my life spring has been like a week in February when it wasn’t too hot or too cold, but here we actually have evidence of a spring. In fact I actually get to experience the song “Popcorn Popping” as seen in the picture I took. I was a little late taking the picture so the leaves are coming on, but a few days before that it was completely covered with only the white flowers.

Cree went on the boat, injured himself a few times because the bunks are a tight fit. Otherwise, he had a good time and avoided getting seasick.

We were all happy to have daddy home again. The children wouldn’t leave him alone as soon as he walked in the door.

With the spring, the weather has been alternately nice or rainy. On the nice days I try to get the kids outside. Liz is still in school so it’s usually just Matthew and me.

Liz is doing well in school. One of her teachers says that she is improving in her social skills, and she is doing great with her reading. The school has a program called Reading Counts, where each child is encouraged to earn as many points as possible. (I’m not sure how they earn points) Liz has done very well, earning 101 points. This means that she will get an award as well as the teacher will buy her and a friend a pizza to eat at lunch this next week.

Matthew is still working on his toilet training. He has his good days and bad days. He has also had to spend a few hours each week in the daycare because of appointments that I have. He still adores cars, and now planes. He runs wherever he goes, including in the house.

Cree has headed back to the boat for a second time. He will be on it longer this time. He has also been assigned to a different boat, because they trust him to be able to help keep things going well enough. Good for him.

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