Sunday Baking and More

So this week was a beautiful week. On Wednesday, we had some free time while the weather was nice so we went for a walk around the neighborhood. We saw another popcorn tree.

Matthew loves to play with his big sister and wanted to hold her hand. She is a great big sister, giving him lots of attention.

On Friday, Liz received an award for Reading Counts points. This is basically points for reading. To get the award you have to earn 25 points in the quarter. Liz surpassed that. We were told by her teacher that she earned a total points (since we’ve been here) of 101. The children are supposed to try and earn that 100 points by the end of the year. Liz is such a great reader, she has earned those points and still has a quarter left in school.

On Sunday, I like to do a little baking to prepare for the week. Earlier this week, Liz wanted to try out a peanut butter recipe she saw on the back of our peanut butter jar. Since it was her idea, she got to help me make the cookies, while Matthew ran around the kitchen getting under foot. Liz tried her hand at adding an egg to the batter. She pressed so hard on the shell that the egg exploded around her, with luckily most of it making it into the batter, without shell. For her first time, she did well and she cleaned up after herself. The cookies turned out delicious. Liz has the making of a great baker if she wants.

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