Spring Break Day 1

This week Elizabeth has spring break. I wanted to avoid watching movies or causing havoc as much as possible, so I set up a little schedule for us to follow. The schedule would include chores, snack time, crafts, and outdoor time (weather permitting).

Today was the first day we worked on this schedule. Chores is listed right after breakfast so that we could spend the rest of the day having fun. Liz kept saying “It’s too early to do chores.” It really wasn’t that early, she is just used to doing her chores after school, since there is not time before school.

Next, we worked on our craft. We painted coffee filters to turn them into butterflies, flowers, and stained glass after they are completely dry. Liz wanted to dress up a little and put on an apron. Matthew did really well of getting the colored water everywhere, including on the coffee filter. They had fun, so it was a success.



In the afternoon, we got out of the house and went to the park.

Liz found another little boy to play in the sand with her.

Matthew decided to try out different ways of climbing on to the playground equipment instead of using the ramp.

We ended our fun time at the park with a walk down an exercise path hidden at the back of the park.

Overall everyone seemed to have a fun day and I hope to repeat that tomorrow.

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