Spring Break Finished

Well spring break has come to a close. Liz begins school tomorrow, but I thought I would share a few more pictures from our week.

Here we are finishing up the crafts with the coffee filters.

We made flowers,


and stained glass.

We played toss and both children did great at catching. Since I was the one throwing the ball I couldn’t get pictures of how well they did.

We also spent time in our backyard. Matthew loved it when I brought out bubbles to blow. He and Liz are watching a bubble float away.

They also wanted to go on walks, so I let them walk where I could see them, then I could get a cute picture. Otherwise I would join them walking.

Liz is excited about a new baby coming, though I don’t think she realizes how soon the baby will be here. She and Matthew accompanied me on a checkup with the doctor. The doctor obligingly brought in a portable ultrasound to show Liz the baby. Liz loved it.

I am trying to help Matthew understand that he will be a big brother soon, so I have tried to teach him a little song that says, “My name is Matthew and I’m a big brother. My little sister is coming this summer.” After I sing the song I try to get him to realize that he his little sister is growing and will be here soon. He loves the song but I’m not sure he quite grasps the meaning.

Matthew will also get a new experience starting this week. I have to go in for weekly baby stress tests, which means Matthew will spend one day a week for two hours at the daycare. I’m sure after a couple weeks he will love going to daycare.

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