Lice (Yuck)


Thursday at lunchtime, Matthew has just fallen asleep for his nap, I’m about to eat lunch and I get a phone call from the school nurse. Elizabeth has lice. 🙁

Well, after calling Cree and informing him of the situation, I wake up Matthew and head to go pick up Elizabeth. The nurse checks Matthew’s hair and he has lice too.

Well this starts our adventure of washing everything, bedding, pillows, clothes, anything that may have touched their hair. We will also be conducting daily hair combings to make sure there is no more little guys running around.

Cree had his hair checked out and he was fine. The school nurse said I was okay too, but after dealing with the shampooing, washing, and combing of the kids hair, I combed my wet hair and found 3 little lice in my hair. I haven’t seen any evidence of eggs, but I will still be very cautious and will join in on the daily combing as a precaution. Unfortunately, being pregnant, I am cautioned against using the OTC medication that I used on the children. I’m kind of reduced to home remedies and combing to combat lice.

I really hope that all the lice die and we don’t have a re-infestation. If anyone knows of a good way to prevent that, let me know. This is my first time dealing with lice. Thank you.

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