Weekend Fun, Sort of

Accidental Melting Combs

Two squirrels live in the two big trees in our front yard. Often we can see them running around. On Sunday, one of them sat in the tree and watched us exit the car. This picture is from Saturday.

Water evaporates and plastic burns. Each night we would sanitize our hair utensils to make sure that we are not transmitting lice from person to person as we combed to get rid of the little bugs. Saturday, I put a plastic lice comb, a pic, and a hair clip in water to sanitize them. Then, Cree and I talked, and talked. Suddenly the fire alarms went off. Rushing to the kitchen we found the plastic items had melted and the water all evaporated. Oops. The water in the pot in the picture is after we cooled it off a little and stopped the fire alarms.

Sunday was our first day in our new ward. Matthew still hates nursery but everything else went well, and our records our finally in our new ward. 🙂

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