Merry Christmas 2019

“No, please let me sleep,” Crystal told Cree as he tried to massage her awake… like he’d been doing for the last hour.

“The children will be up any minute,” Cree said, stripping off his pajama top. He prodded Crystal a few more minutes before he heard a motion in one of the bedrooms. “To late, one of them just woke up.”

“What time is it?”

“About five-thirty.”

Crystal groaned as she watched Cree dress in a sweater and jeans. He always seemed to have so much energy way to early in the morning. “They’re definitely yours,” she thought to herself as she heard another child plunk out of their bed, “there’s Matthew.”

Cree finished brushing his hair, and pulled it back into a ponytail just as the bedroom door burst open.

Melody cuddled up with the quilt, and just quit.

At first, the children seemed equally ready to open presents. Then, as they began opening them one at a time, Melody began to slowly get more and more sleepy. By the time they finished with Santa and moved onto Grandparents, Melody found a quilt from her Grandma Dalene, and decided she’d opened enough.

Liz and Matthew both kept tearing through gifts from their siblings, grandparents, and friends. By the time they finished, the couch and chairs were covered in mountains of legos, drawing stuff, clothes, toys, and assorted games.

As they put everything away, and brought in some wood for the fire, Cree started the oven and began mixing dough for sky high biscuits. Once he got the ingredients together, Crystal kneaded the dough while Cree started the scrambled eggs. Once Cree rolled out the biscuits and got them in the oven, Crystal made some of her delicious hot chocolate.

Within about fifteen minutes, they had breakfast ready to rock and roll.

After breakfast, everyone just relaxed until dinner. Then, Cree started putting things together.

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